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We are your local source for flavorful and authentic cuisine in Lake Worth, FL. You’ll love our comfortable family-friendly atmosphere, and our exceptional service never disappoints. Our extensive menu of expertly crafted dishes is sure to have exactly what you’re craving!

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flavorful and authentic cuisine in Lake Worth, FL

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Every meal is a delight at Blueprint Bar & Grill!

We serve every meal is a delight at Blueprint Bar & Grill! We’ll make sure you never leave hungry, and we’re confident that our excellent food and service will keep you coming back. We have the best Caribbean cuisine, bar services, and cocktail services in town, so treat yourself today!

Blueprint Bar & Grill

Our extensive menu of expertly crafted dishes is sure to have exactly what you're craving!

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Our Customer's Reviews

When you visit, be sure to bring your patience and you will be well-rewarded. I read some mixed reviews but decided I needed first-hand information. Stopped in for an early dinner on Saturday afternoon and was impressed with how nice the inside of the place looks. It was not too busy when I arrived, but more patrons kept coming in. As with many businesses, it seems they're a little short-handed at the moment, but my server was doing all she could and was always busy, yet still smiling and greeting people. This is why I said to bring your patience - sometimes you may wait a few minutes more than you expect, but I promise it's worth it. I started with a Spicy Jamaican Beef Patty ($4) as my appetizer along with a blonde ale. The patty was fresh from the oven -- so hot it had to cool before I could eat it! It was likely the best Jamaican patty I've had -- good flavor and LOTS of spicy heat! For the entre I chose the Spicy Jamaican Cajun Shrimp ($20) with a side of rice & peas and braised button mushrooms. The shrimp were cooked perfectly in white wine, garlic, onions, and scotch bonnet peppers. The flavor was really nice, and not too spicy at all. Dinner was 6 large shrimp, and the rice & peas were just right to gather the sauce the shrimp were in. Presentation was very nice as well - we do eat with our eyes first. Finally, I noticed a bread pudding with rum sauce on the menu for dessert. Bread pudding is one of my favorites, and this did not disappoint. Again, the plating was beautiful and bread pudding was dense and moist with a good rum flavor in the sauce. Are there some areas for improvement? Of course. But I can see they're working hard and the food quality is right where it should be! Be patient, be kind, and be sure to enjoy the deliciousness that is delivered to your table!

Jim Kovalsky Sastified Custoimer

They are newly open and still in the construction phase for their backyard seating but what is complete is beautifully designed and decorated. Everyone was nice. I went with my dog for their brunch. It is a different menu from the usual. I got the bottomless mimosas and the jerk chicken with Waffles. Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned. My meal was 12$ that's Pretty reasonable for home cooked food. That's about the same as a fat foods meal. You'll have to wait for it to cook though. It's not fast food. Eventually I'm sure they will put up a fence I see the bricks for that and hopefully some shade sails. Otherwise, this may very well become a new favorite of mine. I've seen some reviews about the place taking a long time to cook, etc., but I feel personally it takes a few months to get into the groove. I hope everyone comes back and gives them a second chance. I've worked in restaurants my whole life and they are going to be great especially if the food continues to be as good as it is.

Tina Leigh Satisfied Customer

My fiance found this lovely place via Groupon. We drove an hour from port saint lucie to eat here. It was definitely worth the drive!! The food was wonderful. My fiance had shrimp and a filet mignon, I had the chicken glazed with candied pecans!! The chicken was organic, and a nice thick breast. Very tender and juicy. The glaze was soo yummy, definitely on the sweet side but that was expected!! We both had the side of red potatos which were good, and I had the button mushrooms. I know all the franchised food places have you conditioned to huge portions etc. It may seem small at first glance but as you eat the food here it truly fills you up in a way only high quality food can!! We will definitely be coming back. Oh and the drinks were also good, the red cab I had was excellent, and the bar tender made my fiance an excellent mixed drink of his own creation that he called "Tropical Storm". We also met the owner/chef and had a wonderful convo with him about his history. If you love good local food this is the place to go! If you want organic foods, and a place that cares this is it.

Ashton C Satisfied Custoimer

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